Our history

Founded in 1994, Molinos de Aceite de Toledo is a cooperative composed of more than 2000 farmers. We are workers from the lands of Castilla la Mancha, home to the mythical Don Quixote and his adventures.

We produce our olive oils with great care, so that all who taste our products enjoy its exceptional quality.

The own and unique flavour of the oils take you to the plains of Castilla la Mancha, found in the centre of Spain, where the olive trees offer their ripened fruits under the sun.

To keep the original flavour of the different olives, we obtain the oil entirely by mechanical means without the use of any solvents, respecting the time needed by each variety to mature.

Our products represent the feeling of generations of families who have dedicated their lives to the olive trees and fields, while at the same time the oils reflect the strive for innovation, the development of new products and above all, love for the lands.

In our oil we share a part of our lives and essence of being.

Olive oil - Fields of olive trees
Centennial olive tree - olive oil of Montes de Toledo
Olive tree trunk - olive oil of Montes de Toledo
Path of olive trees - olive oil of Montes de Toledo