How it’s made

All of our olive oils are unique and the result of the dedication and hard work of our farmers throughout year.

The olive tree is the centre of our existence. The essence of our work is to understand it, care for it, respect it and thank it for its fruits. Without the olive tree, a great part of our culture would not be understood: civilizations, generations and families have dedicated their lives to care for this part of our lives, our Mediterranean diet and our values.

In Molinos de Aceite de Toledo we keep that legacy to offer products which are born in nature and which reflect our Mediterranean culture, our essence of being.

Every year, we make sure that all of our olive trees are in perfect conditions to continue its centennial existence. We prune them, give space to the new young branches and air the lands around them to be filled with nutrients and oxygen. This way, we keep our trees healthy and fertile.

The blossoming of the trees happens in May and it fills our work with hope. Each flower will become a delicious and unique fruit. The olives will keep growing during the upcoming months to reach their best state.

Our olive oils are made from combinations of different olives in search for a product with personality and maximum quality. For this reason, the recollection of the fruits is a very important process and it varies depending on the oil to produce.

Olive oil from Montes de Toledo - Olive grove
Generations of farmers from the lands of Castilla La Mancha, in the centre of Spain, have been accomplishing these tasks with great care. We also work to keep the time between recollection and deposition of the olives in the oil presses to the minimum. The result? Great olive oils of high quality aromas, structure and fruitiness.

The recollecting process is followed by the extraction of the juices, which is done only by mechanical means to guarantee the naturalness of the oils and ensure their quality. Our olive presses and machinery help produce olive oils in an artisanal and at the same time, innovative way. The olive oils are preserved in special containers to keep their qualities at the maximum before commercializing them.

We comply with the norms and law related to olive oil production, including the specific requirements of the European Union to produce Ecological extra virgin olive oil and the ones which regulate the production of extra virgin olive oil with Designation of Origin Montes de Toledo.

Each of our olive oil bottles keeps the essence of our millennial culture related to the olive tree. Therefore we are able to offer excellent olive juices with character, deep and delicious in taste. The whole process, including packing and labelling is done in Spain, thereby guaranteeing that all of our products are 100% made in Spain.

Our olive oils are recommended for different occasions in order to enhance the flavour of other products in combination with the taste of the olive oil.

¡Qué aproveche!
Enjoy your meal!