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Welcome to Molinos de Aceite de Toledo

We produce high quality olive oils entirely by mechanical means, made to delight those who taste them. We are farmers of the lands of Castilla La Mancha, in Spain, and our philosophy is simple: work the land with care and respect to produce excellent olive oils with character.

For every occasion and taste: we have the perfect olive oil.

Here you can see how we produce our olive oil.

Molinos de Aceite de Toledo - Products


Our extra virgin and virgin olive oils are entirely obtained by mechanical means without the use of any solvent. Combining different varieties of olives, we create high quality and unique olive oils in different formats. Arbequina, Ecological or D.O. Montes de Toledo, among others.

Molinos de Aceite de Toledo - How it's made

How it’s made

We are professionals in elaborating extra virgin olive oils, consequently, we take care of each and every process involved: the lands, olive trees, pruning, blossoming and the ripening times of each variety before collection. That is how we obtain excellent olive juices and only by mechanical means.

Molinos de Aceite de Toledo - Our history

Our history

All our oils are produced with great care by our farmers. They are part of generations who have dedicated their lives to the olive tree: to its care and its fruits, in order to share the wonders of nature through our olive oils.

These are the certificates which endorse our products: Designation of Origin Montes de Toledo, Ecological and always 100% made in Spain.

Certificate Ecological farming
D.O. Montes de Toledo
Made in Spain
Land of Quixote

Molinos de Aceite de Toledo has participated in the program for the Initiation of Export of the IPEX, which aims to increase the base export of the region and promote the activity of the businesses in international markets.


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IPEX Castilla la Mancha
IPEX Castilla la Mancha